Croatan Beach Erosion Galleries Current to Years Past - Hit-Pics LLC

These galleries represent images of Croatan Beach, Rudee Inlet, 1st Street and the current & past states of these locations including specific collections showing the impact certain storms over the years have had on the Croatan Dunes.

All images may be shared for the purpose of illustration to the VB City / Army Corp of Engineers or any other entity involved in determining the correct action to protect Croatan Beach.

The storms in these photos although severe were not the "100 Year Storm". Anyone who believes the Croatan Dune could withstand the 100 Year Storm after reviewing the effect of recent weather events is seriously mistaken.

One more note: if Sandy had hit Virginia Beach the way it hit New Jersey, we would be living in Great Neck now!

Any and all questions about these images, please contact Patrick McLaughlin 757-831-1277 or

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